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Return on Investment, Buy 1 BHK Flat at low price

best Return on Investment

For real estate to be in higher demand in the context of excess supply, the product offering needs to be highly differentiated. At Riverdale Suites, the differentiation lies is in the optimization and the sizing of this condominium

An investment at Riverdale Suites promises to be a distinctive low risk - high return asset that is poised to redefine real estate investing of today


Invest in a Guarantee

In a scenario where construction quality is suspect and completion is delayed, the business legacy, its reputation and its business culture become important parameters of evaluation

The Riverdale project envisioned by Duville Estates, is yet another testament to the twin pillars of trust and commitment that have been the hallmark of the Dubash family for over 200 years

High on Value, Wise on Cost

With Kharadi being one of the few micro geographies that have been appreciating in Pune, investment patience as a value and unique sized condominium that mean lower capital investment, Riverdale Suites could very easily be the prized highlight of your asset portfolio

High on Value, Buy 1 BHK Appartment at best location in Pune
future urban, Compact 1 BHK Flat Price in Pune, Buy 1 BHK compact Flat in Pune

Future of Urban Living

The compact urbane condomiums at Riverdale Suites allow for an intelligent utilization of space and design which bridge with the rising migration of the work force and their needs and ambition to own their own spaces

Centre of Everything

Located at the heart of Kharadi, Pune's fastest growing micro market, Riverdale Suites through its sizing has the maximum vantage in terms of appeal through its cost and given the probability of the highest rental yields in the future, the returns are lucrative

Centre of Everything, Buy 1 BHK at top Location in Pune
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