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Riverdale’s master planning has been done by none other than the internationally acclaimed master planners and elevation specialists Upton – Hansen Architects. UHA London has a global presence and have designed numerous iconic projects across the globe and with Riverdale, this iconic masterpiece by Pune’s most picturesque riverfront has been designed by them.

With an exceptionally beautiful view of the river and further the incredible amazing views into the horizon, across the city and beyond, Riverdale is an extraordinary landmark in the making by the banks of the river. Riverdale is an upmarket premium residential project that only the truly discerning can call home.

“The architectural concept is inspired by the lush natural setting: taking its cues from the ever-flowing river and its lush green surroundings. The development seeks to distil these elements into an elegant form”

Jonas Upton-Hansen, Founder and Managing Director – UHA LONDON