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Atmosphere, Mumbai, Maharastra

  • Commencement year 2014
  • Completion year 2018
  • Spread Across 12.8 Acres
Atmosphere Mumbai Maharastra, Top Amenities in 2 BHK Flats, Atmosphere Mumbai Maharastra

Kumbalam, Kochi, Kerala

  • Commencement year 2016
  • Completion year 2019
  • Spread Across 100 Acres
Kumbalam Kochi Kerala, Top Resorts in Kochi, Kumbalam Kochi Kerala

Merlinlbiza, West Bengal ,India

  • Commencement year 1984
  • Completion year 2012
  • Spread across 8 Million Sq.ft

Landscape Architects

DAMAC Maison Royale, Dubai, U.A.E

  • Commencement year 2010
  • Completion year 2016
  • Spread Across 42 Million Sq.ft
Damac Maison Dubai UAE, Constructions in Dubai

The Pearl La Plage, Doha, Qatar

  • Commencement year 2002
  • Completion year 2008
  • Spread across 14.68 Sq.ft
The Pearl Le Plage Resort Doga Qatar, Resorts in Qatar, The Pearl Le Plage Resort Doga Qatar

Taj Grandeur Residence, Dubai, UAE

  • Commencement year 2005
  • Completion year 2017
  • Spread across 10,000 Acres
Aamby Valley Mumbai Maharastra, Villas in Mumbai, Aambey Valley Villai in Mumbai

WAHO is a Dubai-based firm with a primary focus on design and delivery of sensitive, site-specific landscapes. They have an impeccable reputation for the landscaping of some of the better known and aclaimed residential projects in India, the Middle East and elsewhere across the globe.

Given that the Riverdale micro township is situated alongside the banks of the river, WAHO has brought its expertise through a sensitive and considered approach to creating the kind of landscape that would be a welcome habitat to the multiple bird species that make the area alongside the river banks its home. WAHO will replicate relevant sections of the local areas by creating vibrant spaces for the residents that will live at Riverdale by bringing these external spaces to life.